Ways into the public sphere

"What is PR? Those who get caught up in questions of definition do not get far in forming public opinion. And those who merely see PR as a toolbox for publicity work restrict their scope for action.

At A&B ONE, we comprehend PR as a guiding principle and as an understanding of communication which takes the public sphere as its frame of reference.
If one so likes, we are an understander of the public sphere. We identify mechanisms for shaping public opinion and the scope for action that results for our clients. We know how the production of opinion and activation function in the public sphere. From this perspective, PR today remains indispensible for anyone who moves in these arenas and wants to achieve results. To this end, we develop integrated strategies, custom-fitted concepts and measures. We identify communicative levers, develop dramaturgies and stories, set dialogues in motion and create opportunities for participation. We produce issues and causes, find media access points, forge cooperation with actors and are active on location as well as in the digital world. That, in the process, we possess and are able to operate all the instruments of PR goes without saying.

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