Political Communication

Understand. Accept. Agree.

Communication was always an integral component of politics. It is only the form and the modes of communication that have changed. Today, ever greater numbers of political actors are entering the political arena. More than anything, the internet and mobile communication technologies allow anyone the possibility to participate in forming political opinion at anytime. Issues are pushed on to, and disappear from, the agenda at a frantic pace. In the context of this “new obscurity”, anyone who wants to achieve understanding, acceptance and agreement for their concerns needs to allow room for involvement, and to translate their issues into everyday life. With our campaigning approach to political communication, we emphasise interaction, conversational competence and the positive influencing of the public agenda. We have a proven expertise in turning political issues into successful campaigns. In doing so, our point of departure is the public arena and its mechanisms of action. We stand by our clients’ side to help them achieve their political goals.
From outstanding campaigns for federal government reform, campaigning on behalf of German and international NGOs, to raising the profile of a company in the political arena – our goal is communication strategies that can be measure against reality.

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