Marketing Communication

Understand. Market. Produce.

Consumers decide the destiny of brands. That has always been the case. In the age of social media, however, it is not only through their decisions about what to buy that they do so. Consumers write about brands on blogs, they discuss the advantages and disadvantages of products in forums and swap tips and criticisms in communities. As such, they have an increasing influence over brand and product image. In brief: consumers are becoming more and more a part of brand management and brand production.

For this reason, it is no longer enough to understand how consumers ‘tick’. They need to be offered credible ways of participating in the production of brands and goods. The user- and market-analysis of our Research Unit forms the basis of our marketing. Making use of their findings, A&B ONE develops creative, key market oriented campaigns and communication measures both on- and off-line. Simultaneously, we are also able to sustainably anchor these products within the target groups. We have comprehensive expertise in developing and maintaining brands’ images, supporting CRM strategies, developing stronger parent and product brands and optimising marketing oriented measures. In doing so, we connect our know-how in all the branches of communication with a comprehensive knowledge of industry-specific market dynamics and product lifecycles.

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